Gorillaz – The Now Now (2018)

Something I haven't done in a while is review an album. My music tastes is all over the place. Case in point is the Gorillaz. I've been listening since their first album dropped and I loved the diversity among their songs. They can't really be defined in one genre. I guess pop would cover just... Continue Reading →

Spy 2015 (undercover review)

Melissa McCarthy is an acquired taste. Either you find her funny or you don't like her. I'm somewhere in between. She can be hilarious at times, and other times if feels like she's playing the same angry character. In Spy, she plays Susan Cooper, working at a desk job for the CIA. She starts out... Continue Reading →

Deadpool 2 (crispy review)

As a fan of the comic books and the first movie, I've been anticipating the release of Deadpool 2 for a while. I'm also a huge fan of both the X-Force and of Cable in particular. The idea of the badass time jumping son of Scott Summers finally on the big screen had me wanting... Continue Reading →

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