Angel Heart (1987) Review

This was recommended to me recently and it's another flick I hadn't seen. After watching it, I vaguely remember hearing the controversy surrounding it. Mainly because Lisa Bonet, of the Cosby Show, is in it and is nude. I had totally forgotten about this until I saw her. It's a shame that that probably took... Continue Reading →

Monster Dog (1986) (Howling review)

After yet another long hiatus, I'm back. In case you've forgotten, I am Dr. Deimos Strigoi. I'm a fan of weird cult flicks from days gone by. I have a particular fondness for 80's horror, no matter how cheesy they are. Bad acting? Bring it. Bad effects? Bring it. Weird werewolf flick with Alice Cooper?... Continue Reading →

Near Dark (1987)

Day five of my 80's month (yes I know I'm behind in posting reviews, I'll get to days 1 thru 4 eventually) and It's another flick that I should have seen, and have been wanting to see, for a long time. It's been on my radar. It's the exact type of flick I would watch... Continue Reading →

Doom Asylum (1987)

Yet another 80's movie that I'm hearing about for the very first time. Yes, I understand that this isn't a giant blockbuster, and it's so cheesy, but it's still a fun comedy/horror movie. It's almost a parody of the slasher genre, complete with goofy characters, a bizarre band and a slasher that throws out lame... Continue Reading →

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