Spy 2015 (undercover review)

Melissa McCarthy is an acquired taste. Either you find her funny or you don't like her. I'm somewhere in between. She can be hilarious at times, and other times if feels like she's playing the same angry character. In Spy, she plays Susan Cooper, working at a desk job for the CIA. She starts out... Continue Reading →

Airplane 1980 (in flight movie review)

Just sit back, place your trays in their upright positions, make sure your seatbelts are a bit loose and enjoy this nostalgic tale of humor in the skies. I can't remember the first time I saw Airplane, but it's still stands as one of the funniest movies I've ever seen. It's still as goofy and... Continue Reading →

Masterminds (Bumbling Review)

I know I normally do horror movies, but I'm branching out. I still have several horror movies coming soon, but this movie is too funny not to share. I think Zack Galifianakis is brilliantly funny, so this made Masterminds a must watch. He always plays quirky characters and David Scott Ghantt is no different. This... Continue Reading →

Darjeeling Limited (review)

Wes Anderson is an indie director who makes quirky sometimes comical movies. I've seen every one but his first, Bottle Rockets. I plan on rectifying that soon. Everyone has their favorites and they all seem to dislike at least one. Well, I like every one that I've seen so far. My favorite happens to be... Continue Reading →

The Big Lebowski (1998)

I have been feeling stressed this week and decided I needed to relax and just abide. So, the past 2 nights (had to split er up, dudes), I watched The Big Lebowski again. I love that movie. It's funny, it's got a weird ass story, and after all, "Nobody fucks with the Jesus". The Dude... Continue Reading →

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