Blood Christmas (aka Juleblod) 2017 Review

Wow. I can’t believe it’s already past Xmas. And I also can’t believe I haven’t posted here since July. Sorry about that. But to kick things off again and to remain in the evil festive spirit, here’s my thoughts on the flick Blood Christmas aka Juleblod. Directed by Reinert Kiil, it’s a Norwegian flick I found out about when I used a gift card to purchase several flicks from the Artsploitation catalog. They seem to specialize in bring horror flicks from around the globe to the North American market. This is something I can really appreciate. I bought six flicks in total, 5 dvds and 1 blu-ray. I’ll not give away the titles as I plan on posting reviews of all of them on here. I can see that eyeroll from here!! I know I don’t post as much as I’d like to with work always getting in the way. It’s like they expect me to show up EVERY day. Weirdos, right? Anyway, my plan is to blog more, get my podcast up and going and my video show sometime in the next year. We need more horror hosts spreading the love and joy of horror flicks. On to the review.

I just recently discovered the Artsploitation label and one of the ones that caught my eye was Blood Christmas. I love seeing flicks from everywhere so I was intrigued that this was from Norway. Not sure if this is the first Norwegian flick I’ve seen, as I don’t recall where Dead Snow is from. Nevertheless I thought I’d give this one a go. It doesn’t have the best rating, but I’m just looking for a fun slasher. And I’m happy to say, I found it here. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that groundbreaking in either slasher nor xmas horror but the setting and killer make it watchable. Plus there’s the Norwegian Leonardo DiCaprio in it. This made me laugh by itself. If you’re wondering if I’m high, just check the picture below and decide for yourself. It’s weird.

The film starts off in a flashback to the killer’s previous murder spree. Thomas Rasch (Stig Henrik Hoff) is the detective on the scene. Horrified by the brutality of the killings, he exectues Santa on the lawn. At least he believes he kills him. Cut to 6 years later and the nutjob Santa has escaped. Rasch has become a recluse so it’s up to Norwegian Leonardo Terje Hansen (Sondre Krogtoft Larsen) to figure out where he is and where he’s going before he kills again. Thank Thor he doesn’t, or this would be a boring movie.

Not to give the whole plot away and spoil it, this being just my thoughts, it’s standard slasher material. A group of friends are having a reunion, which happens to be the same town where crazy Santa decides to restart his murder campaign. And no one is safe, not cops, not hot girls and not even their boyfriends. It’s as if crazy murderers have no decency. Who knew? The friends are typical attractive girls who are just fodder for the killer. There are some great kills in this and the gore is just enough to satisfy. There’s some decent tension moments but you ultimately know who’s gonna die. There are a few exceptions which I won’t spoil. The acting is good for a horror flick. The two cops are the standouts for me.

I would recommend watching this at night. It’s a very dark transfer and I watched it in the daytime unfortunately so it was often hard to see what was going on. It seems to be that the town is in a part of the country where it’s total night for the winter. Or they just had to shoot at night. Even some of the interiors are dark. Is their electrical bill that much there? I’m sure fans more knowledgeable about Norwegian horror might be able to correct me. Overall I enjoyed it. I’d give it 3.5 out of 5. Check it out. I’ll be reviewing the other Artsloitation flicks as I watch them. If you’ve seen this, what’s your thoughts? Enjoy it? Know a better Norwegian horror flick that you’d recommend? Comment here or on my Facebook posts. Always looking for more flicks to watch.


Later, ghouls




Norwegian Leonardo. 


Santa’s coming. Have you been naughty? Doesn’t matter, he’ll kill you either way.



Creepy mortician who typically eats over and on a corpse.

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