The Mist (TV series) (Kingly review)

When I heard they were doing a series based on The Mist, I was a little hesitant. We already had the movie, why do we need more? Then, a part of me thought it would be interesting to flesh the characters out more and show more of the creatures. On that aspect, I was a bit disappointed. Although it does flesh out characters and the story much better than the movie, the creatures are done away with. Instead, we’re to believe the mist is alive. It’s a breathing character in it’s own right. Not having read the book, I cannot comment on which one is right, I just know I prefer the creatures in the movie more. That being said, I actually did enjoy the show.

The show is based mostly around the Copeland family. It consists of Kevin (Morgan Spector) the step-father who just wants to find his family, Eve (Alyssa Sutherland) the extremely protective mother with a past she’d rather not talk about and Alex (Gus Birney) the daughter who seems to have some kind of link to the mist. Eve tries very hard to protect her daughter, which includes keeping her from parties. Kevin knows she’s a teen and wants to have fun, so behind Eve’s back, he allows Alex to go to a party with her friend Adrian (Russel Posner). Before she leaves, she promises Kevin that she won’t drink. But, teens being teens, she does. She ends up being raped at the party. Everyone points to the boy she’s interested in, Jay (Luke Cosgrove).

Meanwhile a stranger (Okezie Morro) wakes up in the woods with no memory. There’s a dog near him and he assumes it’s his. Then the Mist appears. The dog runs off into the mist and he hears it yelp. Then he finds it dead. He wanders into town and ends up in jail under the authority of Connor Heisel (Darren Pettie), the father of Jay. Deep down, even he thinks his son is guilty. But, he’s corrupt, and uses his power to hold the stranger, later we find out his name is Bryan, and Mia (Danica Curcic), a woman running from her past.

Soon the town is encased in the fog with Eve and Alex at the mall with various other people who soon are on the verge of killing each other over resources; Kevin and Adrian free Bryan and Mia and they set out to get to the mall; Connor hold up in a church, after leaving Kevin and the others at the jail, with Father Romanov (Dan Butler) and Nathalie (Frances Conroy), who’s lost her husband when someone influenced by the darkness in the fog shoots him and then she become a cult leader among the survivors.

With the absent of the monsters, they had to make the people the new monsters. We see this as they turn on each other, fear that each one may turn on them and go to great lengths to betray each other. It’s a rather dark show, which may be why the ratings weren’t what the network wanted, causing them to cancel after only one season. It’s left with a hanger and we’ll never know how it plays out. Maybe there’s fan fiction or maybe someone needs to write it. Any takers? I don’t think I’d do King’s work any justice myself. Any fans of the show? I’d say it’s worth a watch, even to just compare it to the movie. What’s your take? Comment below or at my Facebook page Even My Nightmares Have Nightmares.

Later, ghouls


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